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Production Team

Nancy Knight 

PRODUCTION TEAM:  Our production team is organizing for the spring show.  If you would like to help in any way, please let our president know.  She is the producer for all the Starlight shows. 

Production Team Members:  Producer, Director, Writer, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Scenery/Props, Music, Publicity, Program, Tickets, Sound, Lighting, Hospitality, and any other members who wish to regularly participate on the team.

SHOW LIMITATIONS:  Productions are limited by resources, time and talent.  Plan on a show of about 90 minutes in length, and limited to the facility resources and abilities and talents of our membership.  During rehearsals, selected parts may be cut or shortened to fit the time frame.  

MEMBERSHIP:  Since this show takes place in May 2018, dues must be paid at the time of audition, checks preferred, made to "Starlight Players."

SONGS:  Below is a tentative song list for the show in alphabetical (not show) order.  Please bring your disk/s or email your song to Nancy Knight.  Disks with key changes must be arranged individually. Contact the Skipper (Mark Finkle) or Nancy Knight for help with this.

COMEDY:  Submissions of comedy acts are welcome!  Please bring your script plus one copy to the auditions.  Or, send your sketch via email to Nancy Knight for web posting.

DANCE:  Ideas for dance routines are welcome.  Please bring your ideas.  Dance movements will be worked into acts as needed, or presented as a "stand alone" routine to one of the songs.